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Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
02 June 2010 @ 11:14 pm

(That aren't frequently asked at all, really; I just like to feel important.)

Do I have to add this journal to see the entries?
Writing using original characters, and art and fic of questionable content is public for a week or so, and then friendslocked. Everything else stays public (hence the 99% public bit). Every once in a while I'll add new stuff to my website, so you could go there as well.

If I add this journal, does it mean I have to act as a beta?
No, of course not. Only if you want to. :>

Do you want criticism/nitpicking/suggestions on the things you post here?
Yes, please! I honestly love constructive criticism, and even if someone says something I find a bit harsh I'll still appreciate it.

I comment here all the time, how come you never comment on my entries?
I don't read the friends page of this journal. If you want me to read your stuff, add fiere instead.

Do you know J. K. Rowling/Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman/whomever?
No. I don't own any of the characters in my fanfiction or fanart, I just like to play with them, yadda yadda, no lawsuits please.

Will you write/draw me something?
Ask away! More often than not, I need a little thwack nudge in the right direction.
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
10 December 2008 @ 09:29 pm
The last of this summer's art, finally.

Title: Mummy
Rating: G
Medium: Ink
Notes: The boy from episodes 9 & 10 (series 1) of Doctor Who, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.

July 2Collapse )

Title: Fjords
Rating: G
Medium: Crayon
Notes: Points to anyone who spots why this counts as Doctor Who art!

July 3Collapse )

Character: Ace from Havemercy
Rating: G
Medium: Ink, watercolour
Notes: This started out as Rook, but rereading bits of the book I realised I'd got his hair entirely wrong, so Ace it is.

July 23Collapse )

Character: Batman
Rating: G
Medium: Crayon
Notes: A teeny rainbow Batman.

June 27Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
Title: Curiosity Killed the Cat (But the Grimm Girls Keep Coming Back)
Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, the princess that kissed the frog, Snow White, the girl from Bluebeard
Rating: G
Medium: Ink, watercolour
Notes: My final assignment for my VIS205 Drawing course: "a series of five or more drawings that are visually and/or conceptually linked in order to convey a sense of the narrative". I chose five fairy tale girls, right at the point where their curiosity seriously endangers them but also drastically changes their personal narratives (because they all live happily ever after, after all). The visual links between them - the hair, the wood, the arch etc - are supposed to maybe suggest that they could all be facets of the same girl/woman.

These are all vaguely postcard-sized.

Leeann leeann_marie & Una choco_tuna had a lot of helpful things to say about this project, so thank you, loves ♥

December 1Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
10 December 2008 @ 07:59 pm
Title: Early Birds
Characters: Oliver, Fred, George, Harry, Katie
Rating: G
Medium: Ink, watercolour
Notes: My art for the Harry Potter Art Project. I was assigned book 2, chapter 7, so I picked the scene where Oliver gets the Gryffindor team up at the crack of dawn only to rave at them (with moving charts) for hours. I have a time-lapse video of the entire watercolouring bit, but unfortunately I lost iMovie in a harddrive crash so I can't export it at the moment. Maybe it's just as well, I'm probably the only one fascinated by watching myself paint 8)

September 28Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
07 July 2008 @ 12:32 am
Rating: G
Medium: Marker
Notes: After two weeks of drawing princesses and animals, I randomly decided to draw a robot. Up until this point, the boys at the daycare were completely uninterested in what I was doing. One happened to pass by as I was finishing the first one, and got really excited -- "HAY GUYS COME LOOK AT THIS NEET ROBOT" -- and then ran around with it to all the kids, demanding they look at how cool it was. XD I love kids sometimes.

July 2 & 3Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
05 July 2008 @ 10:45 pm
Rating: G
Medium: Crayons, ballpoint pen
Notes: Practicing profiles, shading & facial expressions, all of which I'm kind of atrocious at. Also, inane commentary. :D I especially have trouble with expressions -- when I do try, which is seldom, they somehow never reach the eyes. :/ I need to get a mirror to have by my desk and make faces at myself in.

June-JulyCollapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
05 July 2008 @ 09:16 pm
Just finished a second week of work at the daycare, with even more beautiful weather and not a lot to do. There's so much art I'll be posting it in batches.

Title: Hades
Characters: Hades from Chthonic
Rating: G
Medium: Ink
Notes: It's been quite a while since I drew our favourite lord of the underworld, and he looks a bit different. I suspect that if I ever get around to doing more pages of Chthonic it'll fit really badly with the earlier stuff.

July 4Collapse )

Title: Brothers
Characters: Thanatos & Hypnos from Chthonic
Rating: G
Medium: Ballpoint pen, some sort of paint marker
Notes: The god of death (the depressed one) & the god of sleep (the happy one). The second version is the reverse side of the page; I borrowed these shiny markers from a guy I work with and they bled through and looked creepy but neat. Nevermind the wonky proportions.

June 30Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
Title: Traveller
Characters: Lily from epistolatory (belongs to Julie riddled)
Rating: G
Medium: Ink, watercolour
Notes: I started this at the beginning of the month when Julie was over, but then dawdled about finishing it since I'm still harbouring delusions about being able to colour stuff digitally. I need a tablet! This is my feeble attempt at steampunk, btw.

June 22Collapse )

Title: Valerie & Jack
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil, photoshop
Notes: Valerie & Jack are two trapeze artists, from my brainchild Tricks. I've just started re-reading it for the first time since the insanity of NaNoWriMo, and am seriously considering editing this one -- I just have to obsessively create actual backstories for all of the characters first.

June 25Collapse )

Title: Mimi
Rating: G
Medium: Coloured pencil
Notes: Also from Tricks; Mimi runs the circus. The anatomy is crazy off here, this is just me trying to amuse myself while working at a daycare. I've drawn more in the last five days than for the past few months now, not all of it great, but it's something!

June 26Collapse )

Title: Yggdrasil
Rating: G
Medium: Crayons
Notes: Working at a Steiner daycare has brought back all of my grade five Norse mythology classes. This is the world tree, or at least the bits of it that my hazy memory could recall. I can spoil the fourth-graders for what they'll learn next year and insert a bunch of made-up facts at the same time, all while distracting them from the fact that they've been watching somebody draw for the last two hours!

June 26Collapse )

Title: Odin
Rating: G
Medium: Ballpoint pen
Notes: Same as above, except this is the "god boss" as I eloquently put it to the kids.

June 26Collapse )

Title: Batman & Joker
Rating: G
Medium: Crayons, ballpoint pen for contour (or whatever it's called)
Notes: Pretty self-explanatory. Yes, I just read Arkham Asylum and have fallen even more deeply in love with Dave McKean than before, which shouldn't really be possible. These are actually pretty teeny, and more an exercise in technique than actual art.

June 26Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
19 June 2008 @ 08:47 pm
Title: White Russian
Rating: G
Medium: Ballpoint pen, marker
Notes: Total rip-off of chimbleysweep's style & squirmy's ink washes + corny title + three-quarter profile view of a girl with big eyes = classic Linn art. :D Russian because she's partly inspired by Anastasia, partly by the Moscow bit of Ghostwritten. Misconceptions of historical clothing style ftw!

May 29Collapse )
Linn; art & fic & tangledy things
19 June 2008 @ 02:13 am
Title: Procrastination
Rating: G
Medium: Ink & nib pen, photoshop
Notes: True story. It's happening right now, in fact! (What do you mean I have no consistent drawing style today?)

June 19Collapse )